After Quit Smoking...

The Next Couple of Months

Depending on how long you were a chronic smoker, your lungs could have been significantly damaged in the process. When you quit smoking, your lungs slowly begin to repair themselves. This entire process may take up to an entire year after quitting, but each day they get better and better. The tiny cilia that help rid the lungs of mucus will regenerate and begin to work properly again, which means that your risk of infection will decrease significantly. During this time, your lung capacity will increase up to 30%. You’ll feel more energized, healthier, and like a completely new you!

The One Year Mark

As you reach one year of quitting, your risk of heart disease has already decreased by an entire 50%! This means you are half as likely to develop heart disease as a person who hasn’t quit smoking yet.

5, 10, and 15 Years Down the Line

As time goes on, your risk of cardiovascular disease and many types of cancers slowly decreases. Once you have hit the 15 year mark, your risk of many fatal illnesses is about the same as a healthy non-smoker.

Don’t Give Up!

Most people don’t quit smoking the first time they try. Withdrawal symptoms hit hard when you least expect it, and they can make even the most dedicated quitter pick up a cigarette and start smoking again. Keep reminding yourself why you are quitting smoking, and how much healthier you are going to be because you are making the conscious decision to quit.

Many people may gain a few pounds after quitting smoking, since smoking cigarettes tends to curb your appetite. Don’t let this get you down! Giving up cigarettes is just the first step to living a healthier life. Now that you have cut harmful chemicals out of your body, it’s time to start an exercise routine, revamp your diet and increase the amount of water you drink in a day. You don’t need to do all of this at once – trying to completely change yourself while trying to quit an addiction can be incredibly overwhelming – but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind during your first year quitting cigarettes. Even taking a walk and eating an apple to curb the craving is a step in the right direction.